Privacy Notice

Your Personal Information and the North Toronto Ontario Health Team

What’s the North Toronto Ontario Health Team?

The Ministry of Health has defined Ontario Health Teams as groups of providers and organizations that are clinically and fiscally responsible for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined population.

The North Toronto OHT (NT OHT) is a collaboration of healthcare organizations and providers from across the continuum of care who have agreed by contract to work together as a “team” to support the provision of integrated health care services in North Toronto. Representatives from primary care and patient/caregivers are also included as part of the NT OHT. The current team members of the NT OHT include:

Does this change how my Personal Information is collected, used or disclosed?

In some cases, yes.  Implementing integrated care successfully, requires sharing clinical data, collaborating on care plans and coordinating activities to facilitate better communication with you and your health care team. This leads to better patient experience and outcomes.

In this integrated care model, your personal information may be shared with NT OHT members who are jointly responsible to plan for and deliver your health care. Information will only be collected on the basis of your consent. You may withdraw consent at any time.

The NT OHT commits to collecting and using only that personal information which is necessary to effectively plan for and deliver your health care and health related services.

The NT OHT also has a Privacy Committee with representation from all NT OHT member organizations as well as primary care and client/caregivers. This committee meets regularly to ensure that privacy obligations are met by OHT members, participants and collaborators. In broad terms, this means the Privacy Committee works to establish common accountability requirements for the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal health information in a way that is consistent with privacy best practice. In more specific terms, this includes (i) working to establish and enforce a privacy governance structure for the NT OHT, (ii) ensuring privacy compliance of NT OHT projects, as well as (iii) monitoring and enforcing the privacy program for the NT OHT.


Please contact the specific NT OHT member or your healthcare provider to discuss particular questions around their collection, use or disclosure of your PHI.