Join us as an Alliance Member

The North Toronto Ontario Health Team (NT OHT) is accepting applications from organizations and individuals who are interested in becoming an Alliance Member.

Who Are Alliance Members?

Organizations or individuals who wish to collaborate, and/or coordinate services with NT OHT other than as a Team Member can be recognized as Alliance Members.

Who Can Apply?

The following criteria must be met by the applicant organization / individual to be eligible for admission as an Alliance Member in the NT OHT.

The applicant organization must:

  • commit to the Patient Declaration of Values of Ontario;
  • maintain a presence in and commitment to the geographic area of North Toronto;
  • support community engagement as a core component of all NT OHT undertakings;
  • support the Quadruple Aim and value-based health care and population health management-based health care in North Toronto;
  • contribute to the extent practicable, to research, evaluation, and best practice initiatives of the NT OHT;
  • commit to abide by the relevant conflict of interest and transparency provisions
  • commit to the work of the NT OHT, including the vision, guiding principles, roles and responsibilities outlined in the NT OHT Alliance Member Agreement, and
  • complete and sign Project Agreement(s) and/or Data Sharing Agreement(s) (if applicable) if participating in one or more NT OHT Projects.

How and When to Apply?

Interested applicants should complete an Expressions of Interest (EOI) through this form.

Deadline to Submit the Completed EOI:

Please submit the completed EOI by September 15, 2023. No late submissions will be accepted.

The EOI Form Will Ask Organizations to Outline the Following:

Name and Contact for the applicant Alliance Member Organization/Individual

Rationale for applying to be an Alliance Member

Confirmation and description of how the applicant meets the alliance membership criteria

Articulation of how the applicant supports NT OHT Strategic Plan

When Should Applicants Expect to Hear Back?

All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt of their application.

All applicants will receive a response with the final decision related to their application, in writing, by November 2023.

Who Do I Contact for Questions or Clarifications?

If you have any questions about the NT OHT Team Member application process, please email