Infection Prevention and Control

North Toronto IPAC Hub & Spoke Model

The North Toronto IPAC Hub & Spoke Model supports infection prevention and control (IPAC) programs across North Toronto in long-term care (LTC), retirement homes and congregate care settings.

This model aims to decrease the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, increase quality of life for staff, residents and families, and improve health system integration, coordination and planning between local, regional and provincial partners.

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What is ‘The Hub’?

The Hub is coordinated by Ontario Health-Toronto and is led by the hospital IPAC clinical lead. Hub membership includes the hospital IPAC clinical lead (chair), hospital IPAC administrative lead, OH-Toronto IPAC coordinators, public health unit leads and ministry LTC inspectors.

Functions of the Hub

  • Strengthen/build regional/sub-regional capacity and resources by linking less mature settings to more mature/developed settings/expertise
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and expertise development among members including baseline jurisdictional (hub region/sub-region) scan and analysis of existing IPAC capacity and resources
  • Strengthen current partnerships and broker new ones
  • Share expertise and capacity for planning and response
  • Regular reporting for situational awareness
  • Facilitate operational IPAC supports for homes as needed
  • Escalate key issues
  • Chair accountable to raise issues to OH-Toronto regional coordinating table

What is ‘The Spoke’?

The Spoke is made up of home IPAC lead/super-user/champions and other personnel from long term care homes, retirement homes and other congregate settings in the assigned local area (can also include management).

Functions of the Spoke

  • Responsible for IPAC delivery in the congregate setting
  • Accountable for IPAC leadership in the home/congregate setting
  • Responsible for working collaboratively within the Hub and drawing on expertise provided


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