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Note: The goal of this site is to provide examples of operational tools for hospitals as they plan/respond. It is not intended to replace any existing policies or procedures that an organization may already have. Some of these documents are also still in draft as we work through simulations to test their safety.

Sunnybrook staff: please refer to our intranet page at to ensure you are viewing the latest version of these documents and resources.

About these resources

A note from Natasha Salt, Director, Infection Prevention and Control at Sunnybrook:

Started by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, this is a compilation of tools used in COVID-2019 response. The resources on this website compliment the presentation that was delivered on February 18th, 2020 for IPAC Canada. All resources are based on current best practices and guidelines in Ontario. At current, some of the resources may include guidance that exceeds national or provincial guidelines, but this has been a local decision. In addition, there may be additional resources from other organizations that have graciously shared through the COVID-2019 working group in Ontario. I am grateful for the dedicated teams at Sunnybrook who continue to be ongoing partners in responding to this outbreak and the development of additional mitigation resources (check back frequently).

Should your organization have a resource you are able to share, please email me at

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Videos – Personal Protective Equipment:

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Aerosol-generating medical procedures:

High Consequence Pathogen Toolkit:

At Sunnybrook we have developed a high-consequence pathogen toolkit. It includes: Additional Precaution Signs, Donning and Doffing instructions, Unit Preparedness Checklist/ED Preparedness Checklist and Staff Log in Sheet. These kits were hand delivered by the IPAC team to each unit that has negative pressure rooms (all other areas have access to the content of the kit online). In addition, the IPAC team is providing in-services on these kits to ensure all staff (day and night) are equipped with the tools needed to manage a suspected/confirmed COVID-2019 admission. The checklist also identifies resources that staff should be reviewing in advance of receiving a patient. ALL approved IPAC communication is updated to one centralized repository on Sunnybrook’s intranet.

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